Food and Lodgings to Cancer Patients

Lodging areas that accommodate 29 male and an equal number of female cancer stricken patients and their care givers are located in the ground floor. Lodging facility that accommodates 25 children and their mothers or care givers are located in the first floor. Comfortable beds, mosquito nets, fans are provided in lodging areas and clean toilets, wash rooms and cloth drying areas are conveniently located in each area. A fully equipped kitchen to prepare meals that are served free to patients and care givers and a store to stock provisions are also maintained in the ground floor. Meals are served in the dining or pantry room equipped with serving trays and necessary cutlery. A separate store is adjacent to the kitchen where all dry rations and food items are stored. Facilities for the preparation of specially needed food and drinks for the use of patients or care givers are also provided.