H.M. Thilak Herath

President is the Chief Executive Officer of YMBA. Mr Herath who currently holds this position is a retired Government servant who retired from service as a Director (Lands) at the Lands Reform Commission, established under Lands Reforms Act No. 1 of 1972. Prior to that, he served as a Staff Assistant at the same organization for 25 years. Before joining Lands Reforms Commission he has served as a Grade 1 clerk at the Government Agrarian Services Department.
Mr. Herath is a well-known social worker and is a member who was instrumental in forming the YMBA, Maharagama. He was appointed President in 2012 and has done an invaluable service to the Association before and after becoming the Hony. President.

E I V P Samarasekara

Secretary is the Chief Administrative Officer of YMBA. Mr. Samarasekera who currently holds this position, retired from the Government service as a Grade 1 Officer of the Sri Lanka Principals’ Service. He also has been appointed a Justice of Peace for the whole island.
He is a popular social worker and also a founder member of the YMBA, Maharagama. He continues to serve as the Hony. Secretary since his first appointment to this position in 1995.

Gunadasa Aluthge

Treasurer is the Chief Finance Officer, who is responsible for the management of finances of the Association. Mr. Aluthge who presently holds this position was working as a Senior Manager at People’s Bank when retired. He has served the bank 35 years prior to retirement.
He is a social worker and a devoted Buddhist religious activist. He continues to serve as the Hony. Treasurer, since his appointment to this position in 1999.