President's Message

Mr. H.M.Thilak Herath

The unfailing efforts of a courageous, selfless and religious minded few residents of Maharagama, resulted in the launching of the Young Men’s Buddhist Association, Maharagama (YMBA Maharagama), which today is an islandwide recognised social service organisation. The path we at YMBA Maharagama had to tread was not an easy one. In this journey the obstacles we had to surmount and mental sufferings that were endured by us were many. The utmost devotion and determination of many of our members including some who enrolled later into the membership and the unreserved assistance together with donations received from many benefactors made it possible to gradually arrive at the prominent social status that we enjoy today. The right and steady decisions taken by action groups in the Association also contributed immensely to this winning process. All social services rendered by our Association is guided by the Buddhist philosophical vision of making the mankind more humane and the social services that we perform with this vision are for the betterment of the entire human race with no bar on colour, creed or any such irrelevant difference.

We at YMBA Maharagama are extremely pleased about various projects initiated covering religious, social, educational and cultural fields and continue to serve the people all around the country bringing benefits to them.

I wish that our Association continue to grow and that the whole world should become aware of valuable services that we carry out for the betterment of the needy sections of the society.

H. M. Thilak Herath

Hony. President