Shrine Room

Anyone who approaches the ‘Buddha Mandiraya’, the home of YMBA, cannot miss the sight of the shrine room prominently located at the […]

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Educational facilities

The second floor of the building is assigned for educational programmes conducted by YMBA Maharagama. All necessary facilities are in place for […]

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Food and Lodgings to Cancer Patients

Lodging areas that accommodate 29 male and an equal number of female cancer stricken patients and their care givers are located in […]

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Supervisory and general Staff

Supervisory personnel employed by the Association oversee the work of staff under them and pay special attention to the maintenance of a […]

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Meeting Halls and Auditorium

Meeting areas for the Council of Management and Sub Committees are located in the first floor. The Auditorium with advanced facilities including […]

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The fully equipped four storeyed building of YMBA Maharagama which was constructed with the contribution of many generous individuals provides shelter to […]

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