YMBA Maharagama

With a vision of serving the humanity and expecting nothing in return, a group of enthusiastic social workers inaugurated the Young Men’s Buddhist Association (YMBA) Maharagama in 1993 considering social work their sole responsibility as human beings. With the progression of the association, the services the Association provides expanded attracting many, who share the vision for a better tomorrow of the mankind.

Presently, the Association successfully carry out religious services to guide people to live a moral life in keeping with Buddhist teachings, social services to uplift the quality of their lives and, educational & cultural services to enhance knowledge and awareness, especially among the youth.



Leading people through the path of Dhamma.

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Passing the rightful knowledge to the next generation

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Cultural Programme

A Nation is identified by their culture. As Sri Lankans, we too have an extremely rich culture predominantly coloured and civilized by Buddhism, handed down to the present generation by our forefathers. Many personalities lived in the past are held in high esteem and remembered by the Nation even today for their bravery and historic deeds done to safeguard the Nation and the religion more often from foreign invasion and influence. Some other prominent personalities both from clergy and laity are honoured and remembered on account of the invaluable contributions they made to enrich the historical literature endowed to by us by our ancestors. These heroes and authors have been remembered through generations and sometimes honoured by erecting their statutes. YMBA Maharagama conducts annual programmes such as oratory contests, essay contests and debates among school children in memory of these heroes and authors. Academic community in universities and professionals of other organizations extensively assist and advise in these events.

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Vocational Training Programme

By joining hands with the Vocational Training Authority Sri Lanka, the YMBA Maharagama has facilitated the opportunity for school leavers to follow a well-recognized professional, a non-fee levying 6 month course in Graphic Designing. In addition, Information Technology courses are conducted as educational programmes. These courses have given many individuals a new light of hope, to guide their lives towards a more fruitful direction.

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‘Nipunatha Saviya’ (Skills Development Programme for children)

Children at their early age with fresh minds are eager to learn new things and exposing them to right experiences will lay the foundation for them to become self-reliant, responsible adults in the future. A skills development programme rightly named ‘Nipuna Saviya’ , meant to motivate teenagers of both sexes(in grades 8 and 9 in schools) to handle minor repairs around the household is conducted at YMBA, Maharagama. This program led by experienced tutors put them through a basic theoretical knowledge and hands on experience in use of tools and simple equipment, electrical wiring, plumbing and simple masonry work emphasizing on safety at work. They are prompted to think creatively to find solutions to common problems they encounter in their day to day work, to design new devices and work of art.

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Programme for Welfare of Women

YMBA Maharagama plays an important role for the welfare of women community, who too deserve attention as equally as the other sections of the society. With this in view, the Association carries out many programmes that include regular talk sessions and workshops on, family health, cookery and other relevant topics that expose them to awareness helping in the development their skills and abilities. Eminent personalities who are specialists in the relevant fields lead these programmes. The Association also conducts in collaboration with Seetha Devi School of Dress Making, Nugegoda, a programme in Scientific Dress Making which has become very popular among ladies. There are many who have resorted to self-employment on successful completion of these schemes.

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Why YMBA Maharagama is Extraordinary?


AGM – Postponed

The Executive Committee Meeting that was scheduled for  25 -04-2021 and the Annual General Meeting that was scheduled for 23-05-21 were postponed […]

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‘Sisu Saviya’ – Postponed

All the scheduled activities including IT Classes are postponed until further notice due to prevailing situation in the country. We advised to […]

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Meditation and Dhamma Practice – Postponed

Next meditation programme is scheduled to be held on 23.03.2020. However, this monthly programme is postponed until further notice, considering the prevailing […]

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23 Apr

A Sanghika Dana

A Sanghika Dana was held on 21.02,2021 to invoke merits on Ven. Madithiyawela Pangasara Nayaka Thero, who was a great source of […]

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19 Jan

Alms Giving

An Alms Giving was held on 16.01.2021 in remembrance of deceased members of the Association, by offering Dana  to venerable members of […]

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03 Jul

‘Suwapath Sagaruwana’ – Wellness of Bhikkus

Boxes containing commonly needed Ayrvedic medicine and Western drugs were donated to Sri Bodimalu Viharaya, Puwakpitiya, Habarana, Sri Visudarama Raja Maha Viharaya, […]

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