Cultural Programme

A Nation is identified by their culture. As Sri Lankans, we too have an extremely rich culture predominantly coloured and civilized by Buddhism, handed down to the present generation by our forefathers. Many personalities lived in the past are held in high esteem and remembered by the Nation even today for their bravery and historic deeds done to safeguard the Nation and the religion more often from foreign invasion and influence. Some other prominent personalities both from clergy and laity are honoured and remembered on account of the invaluable contributions they made to enrich the historical literature endowed to by us by our ancestors. These heroes and authors have been remembered through generations and sometimes honoured by erecting their statutes. YMBA Maharagama conducts annual programmes such as oratory contests, essay contests and debates among school children in memory of these heroes and authors. Academic community in universities and professionals of other organizations extensively assist and advise in these events.