09 Feb

Paying Tribute to Senior Members

    A special Ceremony to pay tribute to the senior members of YMBA Maharagama was held on January 27th, 2024  at the […]

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22 Dec

A Sanghika Dana

A Sanghika Dana was held on 16.12.2023 to invoke merits on Ven. Madithiyawela Pangasara Nayaka Thero, and  in remembrance of deceased members […]

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08 Nov

Monthly Dhamma Deshana – November 2022

November 2022 Monthly Dhamma Deshanawa was conducted by Ven. Bibile Nabhita Thero on 06.11.2022 at 4.00 pm at YMBA Vipuli Jayasuriya Auditorium, […]

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23 Oct

‘Danuwath Bodhu Daruwan’ to Educate Children

Members of the Religious Affairs Committee of the YMBA visited five Dhamma schools attached to the temples of remote villages in Godakawela […]

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22 Oct

Meditation Program

YMBA Maharagama has arranged a series of meditation programs for the benefit of those interested in Vipassana Bhavana. The first in this […]

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17 Sep

Donation of Funds for the Cancer Patients Welfare Project

Family members of the late Mrs Thalatha Meegoda, a philanthropist, made a donation of Rs 171,000 to the cancer patients welfare project […]

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