YMBA Maharagama

YMBA Maharagama YMBA Maharagama

YMBA Maharagama was inaugurated on 9th of October 1993 by a group of enthusiastic social workers, who recognized the necessity for an association of lay persons, to carry on religious and social activities for the Buddhist Community of the urban area. Beginning from conducting religious and social activities in a rented house, YMBA expanded its wings in establishing a pre-school and a daycare center, organizing Dhamma discourses and discussions, blood donation campaigns, educational seminars for school children, and a scholarship scheme. Soon after building the ground floor of its own premises, the YMBA launched the project of providing free food and lodgings to cancer patients who report to outdoor treatment at the Apeksha Hospital. YMBA, now has a fully-fledged four storied building in which the construction of each of the three upper storeys was sponsored by a philanthropist. This enabled the Association to improve and enhance its religious and social activities that it carries out now.

YMBA Maharagama YMBA Maharagama


To serve mankind with spiritual mindfulness


To deliver best services to needy people by initiating and executing humanitarian service projects and thereby enhancing health, education and quality and value of their lives. All these being altruistic