Alms Giving to Bhikkus, Elders and Mothers

Alms giving sessions are organized with the support of the sponsorships and the dedication of the volunteers throughout years for the needy: Bhikkus, Mothers and Elders.

To Bhikkus

Alms giving to Bhikkus in memory of past members, benefactors and others and also to bestow merits on the sick are carried out as an annual event. Families and relatives of deceased members and benefactors are welcome to participate in alms giving sessions.

To Elders

A ‘Dane’ (donation of food and essentials) is held at Thusitha Elders’ Home on 17th August, annually. Members of YMBA visit the home and cook and offer all three meals to inmates of the Home, with their contributions. They take part in cleaning the premises and also organise entertainment events involving elders for which they keenly look forward.

To Mothers

The purpose of ‘Kiriammawarunge Dane’ is to invoke blessings for the wellbeing of YMBA members, the staff, the patients and everyone else throughout the year. This progamme is held annually in the first week of January and is open to the members of YMBA and anyone who are interested in getting this unique experience.