Awarding Scholarships

To a certain number of under-privileged rural students chosen through a pre-determined selection process, preparing for the ordinary level and advanced level examinations are encouraged to continue their studies by providing them with essential financial and moral support through scholarships to improve performance in their studies. Currently an Ordinary Level student is granted Rs.15,000/= and an Advanced Level student Rs.20, 000/=. Students recommended by the Principals of respective schools are chosen by the said selection criteria decided and adopted by the Association. Scholarships are financed through sponsorships. An eminent panel of resource persons conducts workshops for school subjects by careful evaluation of students’ draw backs and learning needs.
Seminars to enhance leadership skills of scholarship recipients are also organized quarterly and payments due to them are donated at the same time. YMBA hopes to maximize the number of scholarship offered, with more external and internal sponsorship.

“Sponsorships are welcome.”