Sisu Saviya

Children of deserving Buddhist families are provided with assistance through a continuous education project conducted with joint cooperation of YMBA and Karuna Trust. Educational support begins at Grade 6 and continued up to Grade 11. It is compulsory that all these students attend the Dhamma School and observe ‘Ata Sil’ at a temple of their choice on full moon Poya days. Stationary, school equipment are provided together with financial support to students to continue their studies with ease. Monthly programmes are organized to improve their knowledge, skills, leadership qualities, social responsibilities, communication abilities, languages, information technology and many other life skills. Any subjects that students find difficult are given extra guidance with assessment programmes. Annual Tours are organized to educational sites and places of religious significance in order to improve their knowledge and awareness of cultural and historical environment. Sisu Saviya project which was started in July 2017 will be continued till December 2022.