Suwapath Sanga Ruwana (The Wellness of Bhikkus)

In Buddhism Sanga Ruwana or the Bikku is regarded highly and as the followers of Buddhist teachings, it’s our greatest responsibility to take care of them. The four essential requisites of ‘Sanga’ for their daily living are considered food (Pindapatha) robes (Chivara) residence (Senasana) and medicine (Gilana  Paccaya). The temples in remote rural areas of Sri Lanka do not receive these essentials regularly and the most needed of the requirements are considered to be medicine. Therefore, eight temples in and around Habarana & Palugasvewa in Anuradhapura District are provided a box containing Ayurveda medicine and Western drugs. Donations to these projects are always welcomed to continue this pilot project, as for the expenses of transportation are higher and are difficult to afford.